With elktis, you will have access to a pretty simple to use site generator. It is really straightforward and it has a dashboard that will be instantaneously recognizable to everyone who has ever utilized an admin portal. The site generator features quite a lot of eye–pleasing website designs which you can edit with just a click and make a site to your taste. Plus, every site template is fully responsive, so your brand new site will look and feel really good on mobile devices from the very beginning.

The site generator is a part of the elktis Web Site Control Panel, present with all shared web hosting plans, Linux VPS servers, semi-dedicated plans, and Linux dedicated web hosting plans plans.

A simple to operate site generator

No programming skills are required

The idea of our site generator is to make website design intuitive and to let you set up a modern–looking website without ever needing to type a single line of PHP or HTML, or another programming languages.

You could do all that via layout elements which you could add to every site theme and then tweak and relocate anyway you want. Also, you can trash the elements you no longer want with just a click of the mouse. Should you want to make your website more good–looking, you could easily embed videos and photos, or even a discussion portal to it.

And it all functions in a seamless manner.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A selection of easy–to–re–design templates

Attractive website templates that look perfect on every type of device

To create an engaging website, you need a good foundation. Because of this, the elktis’s site generator features a large selection of unique templates, ideal for any kind of site – personal profiles, e–commerce stores, community boards, and so on.

Every template is easy to re–design, with a number of layouts, unique color combinations and native support for over a hundred web fonts. And you could tweak each of these settings with a mouse click. Also, if at any moment you want to change your site template and pick a different one, all tweaks you have made will be switched over automatically.

A selection of easy–to–re–design templates

In–built helpdesk and step–by–step videos

Check out how quick & easy it indeed is to jumpstart a website

The elktis’s site generator has a very helpful help desk where you can see multiple step–by–step articles and videos that are influenced by the most frequently asked questions by clients.

They will guide you if you have the desire to watch how to add a new page, how to edit the color combinations of your theme, how to add a photo gallery module or even just how to switch your whole site template.

In addition, we provide at your disposal a tech support team that is online anytime, ready to answer any of your questions.

Video Tutorials