An e-mail alias is an e-mail address that uses the same mailbox as the initial email. For example, you could have as your authentic email address and create an alias Each of the email addresses will be able to share exactly the same mailbox, so e-mails sent to both of them will be received in one place. You can use aliases for several needs, like getting in touch with various types of people or registering on websites. If you begin to get a lot of spam, for instance, you can easily remove the alias while your actual mailbox won't be impacted by any means and you will maintain the communication that you need. Aliases are often regarded as an alternative to forwarding messages from one mailbox to another one if you use a couple of email address for contact on your website.

E-mail Aliases in Shared Web Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with each shared web hosting plan that we offer you, will help you set up as many aliases as you need for any of the emails you create in your own account. Creating or removing an alias will require only a couple of keys to press, so you can manage several emails in a single mailbox even if you use webmail or an e-mail client on your desktop computer or smartphone. This way, you can take advantage of a number of emails for private or company e-mails and save your time by linking all of them to a single or several mailboxes. You may also combine having aliases for a specific mailbox and forwarding all incoming messages from a company to a personal e-mail when you check the latter more often.

E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Servers

You'll be able to set up and use aliases conveniently when you've got a semi-dedicated server account along with us and we handle the mail service for your domains. It requires a few clicks in the Emails section of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel to add or delete an alias for any given mailbox and you'll be able to set up as much aliases as you need for any exact objective. For example, for those who run a site with different areas in which you provide many services, you can create a different alias and all emails sent for all divisions can go to exactly the same mailbox for simpler management and processing. Of course, if a portion of the e-mails are supposed to go to a individual accountable for a specific service, you're able to mix using aliases together with our email filters as well as email forwarding.